A storm is brewin' at Team Liquid

Elliott Griffiths
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The sea is a harsh mistress.

Admittedly, it's hard to sympathise when your players are going out and telling everyone that you've fallen out and are going to make changes; but Team Liquid are in a storm.

Stewie really went out and said "The thing about Mike (Grim) is that he's a great kid. I think his work ethic can be a lot better, he can work a lot harder for where he is as a player and where he stands right now...." as well as saying they're not practicing as a team for this event.

Which... apparently didn't strike him as particularly ironic.

He suggested that FalleN wanted to implement his own system (which like, of course he did? And he should want to?) but Stewie didn't like that and instead attempted to compromise. Which doesn't sound like a great idea, to us, at least.

Unsurprisingly, those two are meant to be leaving (though it appears Stewie might be too - we doubt he'll end up at the same place) and are being replaced by Shox (which you knew) and VINI (which you now know).

Oh, and nitr0 appears to be coming back. For some reason. With NAF leaving. That's for sure not a downgrade, don't worry about it.

Shox, VINI, ELiGE, nitr0 and one more - with some quiet rumblings around oSee being the AWPer for this team. It's not a bad team, but it's hardly massively exciting, either. oSee is interesting, but we know what VINI and shox do and it's not exactly game-changing.

At least EG might get some more talent so we don't have to see them sign SPELLAN again.

November 25, 2021

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