A Swedish shuffle?

Elliott Griffiths
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When we hear ‘changes to fnatic’, we still think it’s going to be a Swedish shuffle for a few seconds.

In a sense, it’s true - hampus might be coming back to NIP as he said before, but KRIMZ, supposedly, might be out of fnatic. It’s a Swedish shuffle, kind of.

Original rumours suggested KRIMZ and FASHR would be out of fnatic, but OverDrive reckons it’ll be not just those two, but at least one more change. That could be a coach, it could be roeJ, it could be mezii, it could be nicoodoz.

It’s definitely nicoodoz.

The AWPer hasn’t been quite the same player he was on Copenhagen Flames, and we’d be shocked if fnatic weren’t looking at signing a different sniper.

The whole mezii as IGL thing hasn’t gone to plan, really. He’s still lights out in the server, but it hasn’t really improved the team a whole lot. It might be worth just committing to him as a player.

But then, who do you get as IGL? The aforementioned hampus? Aleksib if he leaves? HooXi?

HooXi does know how to get the best out of nicoodoz. Maybe that’s the move. Or maybe they just sign iM and another star and just say screw it.

That seems more in line with fnatic’s style.

June 5, 2023

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