A tale of three 'superteams'

Elliott Griffiths
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  • Turkey brings together four of their best players with ISSAA to create 'Eternal Fire'. Cringey name, but a fun looking team - woxic, XANTARES and ISSAA could be amazing or completely toothless.
  • Denmark's 'superteam' offering of players without a contract has yet to be announced, but rumours suggest it'll be TENZKI, aizy, MSL, JUGi and Fessor. MSL is somehow the best AWPer on a team that he isn't AWPing on.
  • HLTV put up something a little bit longer on Mongolian superteam D13, who have relocated to Europe to try and get better. That is something we respect, and can't wait to see them outdo NA teams within six months.
August 15, 2021

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