A Twistzz in the tale

Elliott Griffiths
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Source: Starladder / Igor Bezborodov

You've just got to your first final in a long time, and showed signs that you might be coming back to your best. Alright, you didn't beat Astralis in a Grand Final, but who does any more? What's the next step?

Bootcamp, and take stock of where you're at, and maybe improve? Maybe it's using Christmas to grind the game out?

If your answer was instead 'cut a player and bring in FalleN', then thanks for reading this, Team Liquid staff. Welcome!

That's right, just minutes after Liquid - well, we don't want to say 'embarrassed themselves' now that we know TL staff are reading the newsletter, but they did get absolutely railed by Astralis - Rush B Media dropped a bomb.

This was immediately backed up by the player himself on broadcast, and it really seems like Twistzz is gone, with FalleN his replacement. Now we love FalleN - he's one of the true greats - but this is a risk, and one we cannot wait to observe from afar.

It does give Liquid a genuine AWPer and an IGL, something they haven't had for a while. But MIBR were far from a great team by the end of FalleN's reign - and whether he can recapture that form is completely up in the air.

December 20, 2020

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