A who’s who of forgotten names

Elliott Griffiths
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It might not sound like a massive story, but there were some fun surprises in the official roster announcements for the RMR.

Perhaps the biggest we’ll get to later, mind.

  • olofmeister is on hand to stand in for FaZe Clan should anything go wrong. A sentence that sounded insane six years ago, and potentially boring nowadays.
  • gade has been resuscitated and placed as Heroic’s substitute - taking what was Kjaerbye’s spot before his revival on Endpoint.
  • Speaking of which, Portuguese AWPer fox is 00NATION’s substitute. If coldzera went from being the best player in the world to a bit crap over a few years, what on Earth does fox play like now? Unless he’s Benjamin Button’d his career, he can’t be good.
  • Snax is ready to deputize for Spinx again should there be any issues; as he is Vitality’s substitute. Quite how Spinx’s shadow is so big is beyond us.
  • Thomas has the unfortunate title of the benched player on Benched Heroes.
September 23, 2022

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