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Gijs Verhoeff
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First, some quick roster updates:

  • FURIA might've made a very good choice in picking (a) junior, inexperience doesn't matter when you get the kills.
  • From Besiktas to Originem to XSET. If you think we're talking about a no-namer football player, then you're dead wrong. It's the head shooting ladies.
  • WorldEdit, our favourite CIS player nickname, has left pro100, and it would seem that with it, he has world edited the team out of existence.

Now to some headlines from around the world:

  • It's official, the banter filled diggity caller also known as SPUNJS is the Best Esports Analyst of 2020.
  • BLAST just got themselves another big bag of money, to expand into the international markets.
  • mithR reassures us he's not about to try to teach an established and respected IGL how to call. Good.
  • Renegades is back to winning events, beating {random_oce_or_asia_team#42} to win {oce_or_asia_event#19}.
  • Twitter user @koi_csgo is looking to find out more about the psychology of CS:GO with an emphasis on emotion. Do him a solid and help with his research. We'll be sat here crying over the last three losses in the meantime.

And finally some short videos you don't wanna miss:

November 22, 2020

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