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Elliott Griffiths
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Most people that aren't called Duncan recognise the great work that HLTV journalists do, and this long-form piece on MAD Lions player acoR is another wonderful piece in Professeur's portfolio.

He outlines why acoR is so damn good and expresses his befuddlement that nobody seemed to realise - well, except HUNDEN. HUNDEN, like Arsene Wenger, knew all about acoR way before he was even on North Academy, which is where most people first heard of him. Because of course he did.

North ended up letting acoR go, after Gade and mertz came through the academy onto the first team. A cynical man might suggest that North could have done with a quality AWPer and acoR would have been a much better fit than mertz, or any of the other players they spent money on, like JUGi.

That's easy to say in hindsight, and truthfully, mertz had moments where he looked like a quality AWPer. Former teammate glace also mentioned that acoR took the less flashy roles and wasn't AWPing primarily too, which didn't help.

The biggest takeaway from Prof's work is that acoR is actually just a bit too nice - he never wanted to be the star AWPer that most of Denmark has been looking for for years. They even hyped up JUGi - that's how shallow the pool was.

April 9, 2020

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