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The bloody Major starts in four days.

Are you ready? We are, but we're also not. We've gotta run to the shops and pick up copious amounts of snacks, some beers, grab the homies and get some tissues.

For if/when Team Spirit go out. Obviously.

We're back to Swiss system with none of that round robin nonsense, so you know the drill. Three wins you're in, three losses you're out. Also, you might be out if you get COVID, especially if it seems you endangered people by ignoring rules.

Just take drugs instead, right bubble?

The first round match-ups are out, and other than the early start (for those of us on a gamer sleep schedule, or Americans) the thing that stands out the most is probably the first two.

Astralis vs Copenhagen Flames for the title of the best Danish team (cough) and FaZe taking on Team Spirit? Hell yeah. Trying to predict how that FaZe game will go is like trying to explain your job in esports to your grandparents.

ENCE and GODSENT face off in a huge game for the hipsters among you, and Entropiq take on paiN in one even the hipsters might think is a bit out there. BIG take on VP in maybe the highest ranked clash, and Movistar duke it out with Renegades in perhaps the opposite.

Movistar, though, have looked really strong, and Renegades constantly dominate their region; so there's plenty to look out for.

Ending the first round of games is Heroic and TYLOO, in what should be the most uninteresting result of the round, and MOUZ vs Sharks, which... well, should be one-sided, but almost certainly won't be.

In fairness, sharks would beat mice in a fight, so it should go the way of Brazilians.

We're very, very, very, very excited. And so should you be. If you're not, we hope whatever is stressing you out and stopping you goes away soon and you can enjoy the next few weeks with the rest of us.

Oh, and late last night, stickers were released. Go crazy, but don't waste all your money.

October 21, 2021

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