Akuma Matata!

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by NovaH. Source: NaVi

You didn't think NaVi were good again, did you?

You silly goose. You've got to learn to stop making that mistake. Just because they win a tournament against the best teams in the world, doesn't mean they're actually any good.

In fact, they're always just around the corner from, for example, losing 2-0 to a team rated #47 in the world with players you haven't heard of. Just an example. What do you mean that's quite specific?

Ah, yeah.

I mean at least they didn't get smashed. It's not like they somehow conspired to lose Mirage 16-2 with s1mple getting 5 kills and 25 ADR, so we're all good.

Oh wait, that's exactly what happened. Depressingly, he still ended as NaVi's topfragger for the series.

Absolutely nothing wrong here. The CIS RMR is going as planned. Akuma smashed NaVi, and now Spirit take on NaVi in the lower bracket.

That's a banger.

At least we can rely on Virtus.pro to beat Akuma.

Oh for f...

May 27, 2021

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