Akuma might have been cheating, lads and lasses

Elliott Griffiths
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Did we say we were bored of talking about Akuma? Yeah. Our bad, honestly.

We didn't really want to mention that they're being investigated for betting fraud in the CIS RMR event, and ESIC have recommended that TO's don't invite Akuma to future tournaments, but we're essentially forced to talk about it.

Because they lost to HYENAS, and we need an excuse to mention that.

North 2 should be in the top 30 now. 118 places higher in the HLTV rankings, we reckon.

Turns out all of those teams who complained about Akuma being dodgy might have had a point - especially as ESIC have some evidence that their former manager was betting on the games they were supposedly cheating in.

That's... that's pretty damn illegal. And we know Valve don't take lightly to matchfixers, hey iBP? We wonder if all those Brax simps will go to bat for SENSEi?

We're joking around a bit, but this is pretty horrendous for CSGO. Matchfixing in an RMR event, a qualifier for the Major, that cannot be a good look.

Riot Games must be licking their lips at this sh*t.

June 10, 2021

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