Akuma's miracle run

Elliott Griffiths
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We made a little joke last time about you never having heard of Akuma.

Well, now you will have.

In what you might think must surely be the biggest story coming out of the CIS RMR region, these absolute maniacs 2-0'd the likes of NaVi and VP (as we mentioned) but also K23 and 1WIN, who are not to be messed around with.

Alright, they lost to Gambit and the rematch with VP, but who doesn't any more?

"So TLDR", we hear you ask, "who's the one to watch out for on this team?". Great question, valued reader. Some teams are built with a star, but in SENSEi, Akuma have one to hang their hat on.

This guy is ridiculous. Like, sh1ro numbers. 1.32 rating over the last couple of months, including a 50 kill game vs Gambit for crying out loud. In a map his team lost, he went 50-27. He dropped a 1.49 rating in their win over NaVi too.

He's the latest superstar CIS AWPer, and in nearly any other region he'd be on a top team by now - but when the players you need to be better than are Degster, JAME, s1mple or sh1ro, you're struggling.

There's something in that Russian water (well, "water") that helps with scoped aim, we reckon.

May 30, 2021

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