Aleksib is out of G2

Harry Richards
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We almost forgot the rest of the CS world doesn’t stop because of IEM Cologne…

  • Aleksib confirmed he has been allowed to explore new opportunities by G2; i.e he has been benched. Despite Carlos saying ‘no’ to the story that he would be benched. We are shocked that he would lie to the public! (again)
  • OG confirmed the signing of degster, to the surprise of nobody. Which does mean mantuu is likely to be moving on. Complexity or EG beckons, we reckon. Poor lad.
  • Evil Geniuses qualified for ESL Challenger Melbourne - but not that roster. No, not that one either. The Party Astronauts one. They ought to be careful. If they show up the main roster too much, they might become the main team and that’s a fate worse than NACS.
July 17, 2022

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