All gone south

Elliott Griffiths
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lol jk, of course North 2 would lose. HYENAS just respect that the world wants to see NiP vs Anonymo again, and were willing to sacrifice their own tournament hopes for the good of the scene.

NiP though, completely ruined it by taking down FPX - so if Anonymo want revenge, they might have to wait a while. Grand final, maybe?

All results, if you missed anything or want more info, here as always.

mouz almost look like a real team again, which is fun. They 2-0'd BIG as any respectable team should in 2021, but they weren't a respectable team circa... one week ago.

DBL Poney's dream isn't over, but a loss to Astralis might temper expectations somewhat. They're still basically the best team in France, just not Europe.

A team who might not be the best in their country now is Heroic. Now THAT'S an overreaction. They did lose to G2 though, which is becoming less and less embarrassing.

We might have to admit that G2 with NiKo are actually good soon, but for now we're maintaining ignorance.

May 20, 2021

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