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Gijs Verhoeff
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Illustration by Crash_ Source: ENCE

Unfortunately, allu becomes one of the many pro players to take a break due to fatigue and stress. Stating that "many hectic years with minimal breaks" have led to his current state of mind, the Finnish ball-flasher has taken a step back from ENCE.

He's also described it as "one of the hardest moves in his career". Something it clearly shouldn't be. A overworked player should not feel burdened with the consequences of putting his mental health first. Life - especially in esports - moves at an incredible rate, and with how competitive the scene has become, it's easy to pass yourself by.

Now of course, we're not saying esports is trailing behind in treating overworked employees, but why not be at the forefront of progress and work on better protection of our players? With the doubts that come once you return - will you still have the level required, will the scene be the same - it's easy to just ignore things and keep going.

All the more reason to advocate for a strong player union who protects their interests and works hard to improve contract condition and mental health related leaves of absence.

As for ENCE, former Wisla Krakow AWPer hades will be taking over the big green gun from allu for now, as they prepare for the Elisa Invitational in June.

May 13, 2021

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