Almost at rostermania, hold tight

Elliott Griffiths
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  • hampus is on his way back to action, it seems. There are a couple of articles going around about how ‘more than ready’ he is to come back. Something about seeing your old teammates look much worse without you is great for the ego.
  • MIBR are trying to spend $280,000 on a single player from Brazil. Which player? It doesn’t matter. It’s an insane amount of money for anyone that isn’t KSCERATO. Okay, it’s Lucaozy. You got us. He’s a good player, but lads: nearly $300,000?
  • What’s worse than finding out you got cut from your team? Hearing your baby brother brag about how he took your spot at dinner. Bart4k has been replaced by his fifteen-year-old brother, while ANNIHILATION has been swapped out for 910. Us neither.
June 2, 2023

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