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Those of us who called device a system player, and thought he wouldn't be that good away from gla1ve - it's our time to rise up.

It's early days of course, but NiP lost against G2 with device struggling a bit. At least, not dominating in the same vein. In fairness, NiKo didn't pop off on the other side either - it was AmaNEk, the makeshift AWPer, opposite device, that went crazy.

Neither NiKo or device are actually good. Like we've always said.

Sort of.

Vitality are back. Maybe. Kind of. They beat FPX, which is actually a pretty damn solid result. It wasn't even a ZywOo 1v9 performance, either. Well, other than when he went 30-15 on the deciding map. That was pretty good.

Sighs - Complexity, man. Of course, losing to Heroic isn't a bad result, but it's all just so unexciting. They just always seem to lose to any half decent team, and we're getting a little bored of them being underwhelming.

In a match with nine Germans, it was the one non-German who went berserk. XANTARES battered Sprout with 88 kills, proving that the best German player, is Turkish. Just like how the best cuisine in Germany is Turkish, too.

DBL Poney had afro to thank for hard carrying them past Snax's Anonymo. He went +21 as nobody else on his team went positive, and the French team just scraped through. Sounds familiar, huh.

mousesports are hitting their stride it seems - they scalped Astralis in a 2-0 in a lovely team performance. We'll refrain from talking about Astralis, for now. It's for mercy reasons.

May 23, 2021

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