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Phillip Rasmussen
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👴🏼 Old School

  • Growing up means your heroes grow up as well. For the first time in CS:GO, f0rest is now a Free Agent. Apparently f0rest is 34, and we suddenly felt very old.
  • What is the “DOOR STUCK!” clip of CS:GO? We’ll nominate this gem.
  • Tuscan is… actually back. Or de_cpl_mill as Pepperidge Farm (still) calls it.

🪙 Coinflips

  • Don’t get it twisted. Help smileybeef end the discussion of all discussions: Rush A or Rush B.
  • ORDER is almost bankrupt, despite getting a $3.6M in 2021. Still a better business case than Trainwreck’s gambling streams or FaZe Clan in Q2 though.

🔢 Large numbers

  • ESEA are a professional tournament operator, and have set up thousands of tournaments before. They reads notes had 45 servers for the Brazilian RMR qualifier with 450 teams in? And the explanation isn’t even good.
  • It’s not CS:GO, but Astralis are potentially looking to sell their LEC spot. The only question we have is: “dev1ce and valde when?
  • If they come back, maybe they can become part of Astralis’ virtual cardio program, courtesy of the new RMR-season. Actual qualifier for the Major btw.
August 18, 2022

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