An organisational mess

Gijs Verhoeff
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🤔 What org they doing?

  • Okay so TSM is out of esports for now seemingly, but are still looking to enter CS:GO? What?
  • Same thing with HellRaisers, what is going on? Are they out, or are they in? We think some things might’ve gotten lost in translation.
  • A passport issue, a medical issue, the universe is seemingly trying to tell Detonate not to go the RMR. It also doesn’t help when Valve won’t let you field an emergency sub.

🤑 Here comes the money!

  • Goddamn. 39.5 million cases opened in March of 2023. That’s like every single Californian, from infant to elderly, opening a case.
  • Valve is reaping in buckets of cash with these case openings. All they had to do was release Source 2, no biggie.

😑 Don’t get ahead of yourself

  • Slow down, Vorborg, it’s still EG you’re talking about. You lot did win, but nobody likes a sore winner.
  • BIG, you guys do know you have to clear A-site before you can focus on Jungle right? Right?
April 2, 2023

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