Anyone need an AWPer?

Elliott Griffiths
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  • dexter has officially brought his laboratory to mousesports - with karrigan presumably heading away to FaZe - though that is yet to be confirmed. dexter's first game is against Renegades; the team he just left.
  • olofmeister seems to think karrigan is coming home to FaZe - though this choice of video is... interesting.
  • MSL is now officially a free agent, and had a clean looking graphic to go with it. Whether or not you gain control of the DH Stockholm trophy he now owns is yet to be announced.
  • xsepower has been benched by forZe and officially transfer listed - with the AWPer confirming he speaks English. Sort of. Probably worth it?
  • forZe have signed KENSI and zorte but haven't really said if they'll start. We would... assume so?
  • twist is a free agent following his benching from NiP.
February 11, 2021

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