Anyone need an AWPer?

Elliott Griffiths
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One of the most 'fun' parts about roster rumours is learning about new superstars who are much younger and better than you are already.

No, we're not salty. Why do you ask?

Today the player we're learning about together is torzsi, who is the most talented player out of Hungary since... well, Deadfox. But, like...

The teenager has been tearing apart the lower tiers on Budapest Five with his AWP and has generally been considered as the hottest talent from the region - but he's left Budapest Five.

Why, you ask? Well, he has been bought out of his contract. But the fun part is, nobody seems to know by whom.

There's a certain team perhaps mentioned in the headline of this email that could be interested, or it might be someone less high-profile. We think EXTREMUM would be a really spicy move, while FPX could be a potential one should Farlig move to Astralis (which was rumoured behind the scenes at one point).

One thing to be aware of is that torzsi is an AWPer - not a hybrid, a straight up AWPer. Over half of his career kills have come from the big green gun, so it's not like he'll be going to a team to not use the thing. The Hungarian syrsoN. Or jdm. Take your pick.

Either way, keep an eye on this kid.

June 3, 2021

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