apEX doesn’t hold back

Gijs Verhoeff
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🏎️ CS go vroooom

  • Shots fired (without aim-assist) at CoD pros by apEX, saying it’s just like F1 - it all depends on the equipment. Yeah, that’s right, go play a real game!
  • What a nice picture of a legendary icon of his sport, a top athlete who has both haters and fans. Oh and Verstappen’s there too.

↔️ Rostermania

  • nexa gives us a spicy leak, YEKINDAR apparently costs $1.000.000. Either VP were making a Dr Evil reference, or they’ve actually lost their minds…
  • Bit weird to call felps a god in your announcement that you’re transfer-listing him, don’t you think GODSENT?

🏅 Looking for a rankup?

  • This Inferno apps flash is absolutely brutal. No worries though, we’ve already forgotten how to throw it.
  • Do you like data? Do you want more data? Pureskill’s got you covered.
June 16, 2022

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