As the prophecy (unfortunately) foretold

Gijs Verhoeff
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  • Reports were confirmed last week when it was officially revealed that both s0m and daps will be transitioning to VAL... VALO... VALORA- God, we can't even write it down. Cursed word for a cursed time.
  • Gambit Youngsters have finally matured, and are now officially the main roster of the org, even though they had already been for almost a full year.
  • According to oBo coL never had the intention of returning to America, or so he told us in an interview with HLTV.
  • Reddit user Zerkky_ made a nice little infographic of what pixels get sold more than other pixels.
  • Apparently HS' disappointment as a player is the result of some bad and unlucky decisions. Weird, our parents said exactly the same thing recently...
  • LUCAS1 still hasn't managed to recuperate from MIBR, and has now left Imperial as well.
  • Hard Legion are down to four players again, with Krad now being transfer listed. Maybe he spoke up against starix?
  • Mousesports were wiser than Hard Legion - but the bar was already pretty low - and terminated their cooperation with coach Rejin.
  • Well, TYLOO beat ViCi, again, and Renegades won an OCE tournament, again...
  • ESEA took the decision of disqualifying SKADE from this season of MDL for abusing the coach bug last season, because that makes sense right?
  • Spill the beans, Xyp...
  • The CSPPA, ESL and Dreamhack have come to an agreement about ways to reduce the schedule's pressure on players, which is probably better for us viewers as well. If everybody has a burnout, no one has one right?
October 8, 2020

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