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Gijs Verhoeff
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🎯 AWPful communication

  • Kasper Hvidt - Astralis’ sports director - agreed it was weird gla1ve took the AWP over Farlig during the Major. Freudian slip Kasper?
  • It seems like it, as gla1ve immediately corrected him, saying it was just a strat they ran. But still, why are you the one AWPing in that strat, gla1ve?

🤔 Interesting developments

  • Rafinha validly made the point that NAVI might be excluding certain players because they do not want to fund Russian orgs. Then again, technically C9 didn’t pay Gambit a dime either.
  • TSM’s CEO has been cleared of earlier accusations of indecent behaviour following an internal investigation. We’ll save you the trouble reading - He’s been a bad boy, but not a criminal, and he’ll improve his communication.

🤓📔 How to play

  • Some nerdy smokes for you Overpass smoke nerds. Just don’t use ‘em against us in MM.
  • You may know him as XANTARES, we know him as the Turkish Grenadier”.
  • Ooh yeah baby, another day another demo. This time it’s rain and his insane performance at the Major.
May 29, 2022

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