Astralis find themselves an AWPer

Elliott Griffiths
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Remember when device said that he and Astralis 'just got lucky' on his first day at NiP?

He was more right than he thought - they did just get Lucky. To replace him. Because... they signed a player called Lucky. That's the whole joke.

Which... is pretty underwhelming. The replacement for one of the best AWPers in the world is a guy we've barely heard of. In fact, he's not even the most famous player called Lucky in CS.

From what we gather, he's a decent enough player - a not-particularly-flashy, reliable AWPer for gla1ve to try and mould into a superstar. In fairness, he did exactly that with device, who wasn't a superstar pre-gla1ve.

Quite who else will be on the team outside of gla1ve and probably Bubzkji we're not yet sure, but at least it looks like they might actually have five players at the start of 2022.

They might not have a coach, though. More on that later...

August 2, 2021

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