Astralis sign blameF and k0nfig

Harry Richards
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Illustration by Crash_ Source: Astralis

Oh, come on. You didn’t really think Astralis would let the Major steal their spotlight?

After an.. interesting showing at that Major, placing 12th-14th, Astralis announced the departure of zonic, dupreeh, and Magisk, and the succession of k0nfig to dupreeh’s entry-fragging throne.  After all, it’s quite fitting that the sinking ship has some leaks.

But, Astralis have managed to plug a few holes in their leaky ship, keeping the identity of the replacements for zonic and Magisk secret until the announcement (unless you’re a certain pundit on Danish TV).

But it’s quite hard to be secretive when the signing is as big, literally and figuratively, as blameF. Having starred - sometimes - as Complexity’s IGL and best fragger blameF can now completely focus on his own game. Finally, he gets a break from having teammates quitting on travel days, alt-tabbing during practice, or slipping over in an airport.

In blameF Astralis get the benefit of an incredible mid-rounder to help gla1ve, as well as a rifler with ratings comparable to a NiKo or ropz. In a round-about way, he is the real dev1ce replacement, providing that MVP level firepower Astralis have been sorely missing.

Astralis also announced their new head coach: ave. Yes, the ave that led North to DreamHack Stockholm success, among other less positive... things. We guess this makes Astralis 1/3rd North. How the turn tables.

The new Astralis will have turn name value into results, but at the very least it can’t be boring. Right?

Here's how their roster looks now:

  • 🇩🇰 Xyp9x
  • 🇩🇰 gla1ve
  • 🇩🇰 k0nfig
  • 🇩🇰 Lucky
  • 🇩🇰 blameF
  • 🇩🇰 Bubzkji
  • 🇩🇰 ave (coach)
November 4, 2021

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