Astralis targets 10 man lineup and criticize media

Phillip Rasmussen
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Illustration by NovaH. Source: Astralis

Danish CS:GO teams better shore up their contracts, because Kasper Hvidt, Sports Director at Astralis Group, went public on Monday with a blog about player burnout in which he writes that ultimately they "would like to see across game titles a full 10 player set-up with an academy team".

The blog comes at a time where Astralis has come under fire from the likes of Thorin, Richard Lewis and DeKay, for maybe not being completely forthright about their inner workings. In what ultimately looks like a critique of that, Hvidt states "It is not healthy that we have leading members of the scene making it a business to call out players with burn-outs liars.". Cue the This Is Fine image.

All the while the organization is in turmoil, JUGi and Snappi have tried to weather the storm on the server, to no apparent avail. The team ended second to last in their Blast Premier group, and have fallen from the number one spot on HLTV's ranking due to point decay after losing 2/5 of their roster. In the middle of it all, dev1ce couldn't but help point out that this is a new reality for the team, and that everyone has to adjust their expectations to it. If life gives you abundant amounts of NaCl, dunk some tequila shots, haters.

In terms of dunking anything else, it might be some time yet until that'll happen. Due to the penalties for swapping players in and out of the roster in the Major qualifying events, Astralis has decided against playing the next RMR-event. According to North's Head of Esports, Graham Pitt, they could potentially end up with negative points for attending, if they didn't place high enough. Not ideal.

June 4, 2020

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