Astralose? Astrashlis? Asstralis? Astrashills?

Elliott Griffiths
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Oh, Cloud9.

We really don't want to rip into you, but... That is a lie. We do want to, but it felt too easy.

But you guys just couldn't resist making it way too easy to do so. With playoffs looming, Cloud9 needed to just beat MIBR, as long as other results went their way.

The other results, did, in fact, go their way. But the story wouldn't have had such a sombre beginning if they'd just beaten MIBR, would it?

They lost 2-0. Not even in three maps, for crying out loud. That means that NaVi - after we joked about how bad they were last time out - instead head to the playoffs. Though maybe Boombl4 won't be quite as happy as the rest of his team, as he now might get a Boltz-tattoo.

That means we've finally moved on to Group D, where fnatic got shredded by an impressive Team Liquid. FalleN's rebirth is one of the coolest stories of the year; especially when nothing else makes sense, it's nice to see an old-school gamer going off.

Endpoint felt the wrath of, who in turn felt the wrath of Dan M. To be fair, we don't understand how YEKINDAR is that good either.

And finally, the piece de resistance - Astralis losing to EG with new kid oBo. It's pretty fun to see Astralis floundering given how dominant they used to be. It's like watching Manchester United lose - everybody loves to see it. Brehze pulled off a pretty sick 4k to really seal the deal on the third map, which really tells you how the game went.

It's especially funny to see them lose without playing Bubzkji on any of the maps. While we feel bad for him, at least they're losing when he doesn't play.

NA wins, fnatic and Astralis lose. 2021 is wild, man.

March 25, 2021

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