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Gijs Verhoeff
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  • ESIC have handed out bans to seven players from the Australian MDL for match fixing. It's just an appetizer for what's to come though
  • Speaking of ESIC, apparently their bans don't mean much, as zoneR's landed a job at the forZe Academy team. Which they defended. We don't know either.
  • Speaking of ESIC, again, they need to check ZywOo's PC if you're asking us.
  • It's me man, it's me, SUPERSTITUM!
  • Prepare your fridge gifs, there's been another Source 2 leak.
  • daps said in an interview that he regrets never being able to get NAF on his team. NAF probably doesn't like stanislaw.
  • Hehe, BOOBIE. (SFW)
  • Apparently Hampus types a lot during games. or at least cadiaN says so. We have an inside source - we won't tell you who it is, but he writes funny facts that may or may not appear on stream during the games - telling us "he wasn't even typing that much".
  • Anders went into detail with Richard Lewis over on Dexerto about how he deals with mental health in this crazy whirlwind of a life that is being a talent in esports events. Take care of yourselves guys and always know you can reach out to us by hitting the reply-button to this email. We're here for you if you need it.
October 25, 2020

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