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Gijs Verhoeff
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There are some who call him... Tim. Others just use his nickname, autimatic. Either way, the man has set sail for different lands, leaving the fortress of Counter-Strike behind for a newly discovered island: VALORANT.

Because what else is there to do as a NA CS pro these days, am I right? Poor NA fans... Although to be fair we don't blame him, because he has joined T1. This means he'll not only probably actually win tournaments, but he's also reunited with his former teammate, Skadoodle.

His career with Gen.G wasn't showing any signs of revival, sometimes you just have to bring home the bacon, or rather the trophies. The last game Gen.G won, was in Flashpoint 2, against OG, which already feels like an eternity ago.

So it's no surprise to see not only autimatic leave, but the entire team dwindling, with former coach elmapuddy already having jumped ship to Cloud9, and BnTeT joining the diggity-calling sides of EXTREMUM earlier last month.

In the grand scheme of things, what this means is that we see yet another NA team fall that didn't or couldn't make the move to EU during the pandemic. Some of us had already made a call on this, but the North American scene's health is getting close to terminal very very quickly, if it isn't already dead. Sorry for the medical analogy, we've watched too much Grey's Anatomy lately.

February 7, 2021

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