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Sebastian Lalic
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AUS and IGL, two three-letter words that describe a three-letter name: AZR.

For the uninitiated, AZR was one of the core members of the ever-present Renegades roster. Their specialty was to qualify for majors through the Asian Minor every cycle. That same Renegades team defined Australian CSGO for years, leaving their mark on the region until this very day.

Now, he’s back. Although in Europe.

He’s joining a Sprout that, since refrezh stepped down, has been desperate for a leader. If there’s anything AZR can be, it’s that. He’s been the IGL on his previous teams and led them to relative success for the region. Of course, whether he can do it on Sprout, is a different question.

Sprout has managed to hold onto the talent that saw them do well at the major, but has lacked the system to make it work. If AZR’s job is simply to give the players a stable platform, he’ll most likely be a success. If they want an IGL who can frag, well, then they’ve gone to the butcher for a salad. AKA the wrong place.

Regardless of how it goes, it’s nice to see a living piece of CS history back in a team.

We’re rooting for ya AZR.

March 5, 2023

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