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Elliott Griffiths
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Do you ever have that dream where you’re on a football pitch, or a basketball court, or indeed Mirage, playing in a professional game, and you feel woefully, woefully underqualified? You’re letting your team down; you can’t move, and your hands and legs stop working?

No? Just us?

Regardless, it’s good to know it happens to the best of us. In what can only be described as a relatively long fever dream — for it were not long enough to be considered a tenure - AZR’s time at Sprout is over.

We’re not saying we’d be any good on a pro team, but… well, maybe it would take about 45 days to figure out that we were just making it up as we were going along. It took Sprout 45 days to get rid of AZR, which is an incredibly short amount of time.

Say what you want about AZR - who was at best entirely unspectacular in his brief stint with Sprout - but that’s not enough time for any IGL to make their mark.

We’d imagine there’s more under the hood on that one.

Speaking of being out of one’s depth, Viperio have replaced two players. MMS finished the RMR as the lowest-rated player in his group, a whole 0.13 rating points below the next lowest player.

And that player was AZR.

The other outgoer is Gizmy, who was the second highest-rated player on the team, to be replaced by Ping and Tadpole. If you told us to guess some vaguely UKCS-sounding names…

Team Spirit might also be making changes following their, frankly, embarrassing performance at the RMR, but according to a screenshot of a post on a Russian social media site from a guy we’ve seen once or twice, it won’t be the ones we expect.

It definitely could be nonsense; we’re aware of that. But speculation is fun, so JONAS LIFE I MY BLOG & CS:GO I SOURCE 2, our good friend, today you are the truth.

It asserts that magixx, Patsi, and w0nderful will ALL be leaving Spirit and replaced by academy players, namely donk, zont1x, and artfr0st. Spirit’s academy team has been impressive - Patsi, KaiR0N- and s1ren have all impressed since the step up - but this is mad.

All three of those players have shown glimpses of being genuinely great players, and it seems insane to replace all of them.

Just insane enough to work.

April 20, 2023

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