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Gijs Verhoeff
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Major Qualifier? More like qualified as majorly stacked. The cs_summit 6 Regional Qualifiers are set to start today, with sixteen EU teams quarreling for five spots in the regular cs_summit 6 Europe, and eight NA teams battling out for three spots in cs_summit 6 North America.

With notable teams such as Fnatic, BIG, Cloud9, MIBR, Complexity and MAD Lions in participation things are sure to get feisty, and that's just the qualifiers. Plus with smaller, but no less dangerous, teams like Endpoint, Sprout, Triumph and Nordavind as their opponents, we're bound to see a few upsets.

The main event is sure to be interesting as well, because let's be honest, who would want to miss an event with FaZe, G2 and mousesports and Vitality? And the other side of the pond isn't any worse either, with the usual suspects - Liquid, EG, FURIA and 100T - all being present. The only team we know will be missing is Astralis, who decided to skip the event to prevent potentially losing points due to roster changes. Even when they don't play they out-think their opponents.

Of course, there is also a CIS and an Asian event, which are truly worth checking out. The Russians and their local comrades have already had the opportunity to get started with their qualifier, but the main event is set to start on Tuesday. And as for the Asia event, well, that's usually TyLoo-busines, but don't worry, you can catch up with the other teams on the 24th as well. Plenty of CS for everyone.

June 21, 2020

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