Back to the Future with GamerPay

Phillip Rasmussen
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When it comes to CS:GO skins we want ones that are functional, yet stylish. We want skins that pop. But how do you make sure they pop, when you’re browsing skin after skin on a random website?

GamerPay has the solution, and if you ask us, it’s pretty genius.

They have built a 3D webshop, where you can actually try the skins out. Like, really try them. It’s so detailed that you can see attack animations on the knives.

Even if you’re not shopping for something specific right now, you should to check NiP’s shop out. The feeling of running around with all the skins you usually can’t afford is one hell of a drug.

Here are three reasons to sign up on GamerPay today:

  • There’s 0% commission on sales
  • There’s 0% commission on withdrawals
  • Their new 3D store lets you showcase your skins in the best way possible for buyers
March 3, 2022

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