Back to their miserable best

Elliott Griffiths
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Well, they lived up to their name.

As big outsiders for the tournament, facing down MOUZ and ENCE for the trophy, the Outsiders stood tall and did the only thing they know how to do.

Grind games out slowly, methodically, and excruciatingly. Scarcely a second goes unused, an angle unchecked, or a production member sent home early.

Without YEKINDAR, plenty wondered if Outsiders could ever reach the same heights - and while they still mightn’t have, this is a great first step. No wildcard aggression makes them even less explosive, but fame and FL1T are a brutal rifle duo.

ENCE looked infallible at the RMR, but cracks have appeared - a dropped map to Eternal Fire and an 0-2 loss to Outsiders will do little to persuade those on the fence that ENCE are potential winners.

Outsiders are frustrating to watch (and must be horrendous to play against), but they are effective.

Few other results went against the grain; Eternal Fire put on a show against Movistar Riders, but they live and die by XANTARES still. Nixuh showed nothing of note, and Team oNe flattered to deceive.

xertioN might have been the best player at the event, but MOUZ’ looseness cost them against a meticulous Outsiders.

Jame, unsurprisingly, died less than anyone else at the event - under once every two rounds.

We’re back in Jame Time, like it or lump it.

October 16, 2022

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