Bad News for Bears who like good Counter-Strike

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by NovaH. Source: @jonjijlc

It is with zero pleasure that we must announce: NA CS is at it again.

Deaths of the NA scene were, in fact, not overexaggerated. When one of the final bastions of hope; one of the beacons of light in a dark tunnel; a man who played for the love of the game, desperate to make a living from CS instead of the easy way out; when he leaves, it is in ruins.

Whoever is the last one to leave, please turns the lights off when you leave. They're struggling for cash as it is, so let's not add an electric bill to their worries.

Following a disastrous series that saw Bad News Bears drop an 11-5 lead and then a 15-6 lead back-to-back, Jonji did the only thing he knows how to do - go face first into a fight.

Like, he went -10 and had nearly 85 ADR. He loves a scrap.

But fighting your own teammates on Twitter ain't a good look. In a now-deleted tweet, he suggested that TeamOne at least 'wanted to win', with a clear insinuation that his teammates didn't.

If you don't think he was tilted, just... look at this clip. His justifications are a little flimsy, and it's clear he was angry at his teammates for not listening to him. Sort of justifiable - junior did kinda screw that one up - and it seems anger was bubbling up under the surface.

It's hard not to be empathetic - he's put his heart and soul into trying to stay in this game and to see it not come to anything while your former teammates are successful in another game... it must hurt.

Jonji stepped down later that night from Bad News Bears, and though his looking for team tweet said CS or the other game, it's pretty clear that he thinks the switch is a better idea.

Understandable, of course - get that money and make sure your family is fed. But, it stings for NA CS fans - and for the wider CS community. We know we took the piss out of you NA, but we miss you.

Sort of.

September 26, 2021

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