Bad news for people who deserve bad news

Elliott Griffiths
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Five men face corruption charges over some match-fixing charges - and they might get a bit more than a ban from Majors.

Those of you who clamour for the complete unbanning of the ex-iBP players are in for a shock, once you realise that yes, this is highly illegal, and they were actually pretty lucky to be free to play CSGO at all.

These guys face up to ten years in jail; though in fairness the amount they bet was closer to $20,000 than a few AWP Asiimovs. The bets pertained to ESEA MDL games, which, while not being the top level, do feed into regional qualifiers, Pro League and ESL events, making the offense quite egregious.

The TLDR verdict? They probably won't go to prison for ten years, but they certainly will regret their decision. Oh, and iBP aren't going to get unbanned. Stop waving #FreeBrax signs, he's gone to VALORANT now.

Don't fix matches, kids.

May 3, 2020

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