Banger Inc: What Liqud vs Astralis rivalry looks like

Gijs Verhoeff
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  • napz described it as the "best rebrand", but things didn't go very smoothly for LowLandLions - formerly known as Defusekids. Benelux scene? The only thing worse than UKCS.
  • LDLC benched Logan and gringo. We're struggling to find a joke about this one, because we hadn't heard of LDLC ever since Fnatic made that play in 2014
  • Karrigan explained on Instagram how the pandemic has affected his workflow. He also explained how he's now taking more time off to combat stress.
  • Chet spread awareness about a bug feature in CSGO that causes others to hear the sound of a player dropping off something, even when the player himself hears nothing. Valve pls fix.
  • Reddit user l_del_rey found a nice runboost on Overpass. We know, what else is new. Here's how you can use it.
  • As Xyp9x takes some time off, someone else needed to step forward and claim the title of Clutch King. We think broky did a pretty good job.
  • If you thought one bug was enough, think again. Don Haci exposed another glitch which causes grenades to bounce against the player model multiple times very quickly, causing up to 20 points of damage. It does more damage than walking through your own Molotov.
  • Brian from Twitter gave us a pretty nice summary of what the Liquid vs Astralis rivalry felt like. Nice TLDR Brian.
May 31, 2020

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