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Phillip Rasmussen
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When we said that BIG was as likely to go 5-0 as 0-5, we weren’t kidding. They are by and far the biggest coinflip team in the competitive circuit.

Don’t trust us? Which other team that’s top 20 in the world will take G2 to overtime on two maps (and still lose both), while dropping a map against FTW, who is rated #53 in the world and managed a combined 17 rounds in 4 maps against G2 and FaZe.

Yeah, we thought so.

You’ll have to excuse us for the constant chatter about BIG, we’re just still sore from all the stolen playoff spots over the years. And they damn near did it again this time.

In fact, had they won against FaZe in the last game of the group, they would have pipped the current Major holders for third place in the group and secured the most unlikely playoff spot.

But as long as they’re the CS:GO equivalent of Tottenham Hotspur, they won’t do that. Instead. they bottled it completely. Up 9-6 after the T side on Dust2, they managed to lose 7 consecutive CT rounds and failed to capitalize on any momentum they got in an 11-16 map loss.

From then on, it only got worse. BIG had favoured banning Overpass (40% win rate) over Nuke (30% win rate), which meant that karrigan and RobbaN got to pick their best map.

In all fairness, when you don’t have a map that’s winning you more than 50% of the games, you might as well gamble, but into a map where your opponent is winning 89% of the time? Is that you Xizt?

Naturally, it didn’t work out, BIG lost and FaZe took the last spot in the playoffs. And BIG? Well, they didn’t go 0-5 so we are technically wrong, but we don’t subscribe to that as they crashed out anyway. Checkmate, right?

Group B - Final standings:

1: G2 (15p)

2: FaZe (12p)

3: Outsiders (9p)

4: BIG (6p)

5: MIBR (3p)

6: FTW (0p)

September 11, 2022

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