Battle of the Kovač's

Elliott Griffiths
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huNter-, it turns out, is NiKo's cousin, and not the other way around.

NiKo came out on top in a 76-round game on just two maps, with two heartbreaking losses for the cousin. Realistically, neither of them were the star of the show - coldzera stole it with a 67-kill clinic on pure, heartless CS.

All those rounds haven't exactly eased the stress that YNk spoke about on Twitter earlier in the week.

As you might expect, there was plenty of explosive rounds with all the quality on show, but this 1v2 from kennyS is sweet. The second shot is so obscenely quick - look out for it on overwatch this week, because he DEFINITELY got reported for that.

ENCE followed up their impressive victory by getting Raze ult'd out of the server by Heretics. Yeah, that's a VALORANT reference; because ENCE were not playing CSGO in that game, let us tell you.

Speaking of which, fnatic are like that girl with the knives flying around her, cause they always find knife kills. Astralis were the newest victim, with flusha taking down 2 in 1 starting with a stab, as fnatic went up 2-1 over Astralis.

k0nfig is so damn quick, that even the observers can't keep up. He looked rejuvenated, and he had to to even get Complexity a map - but Vitality too stronK. As always, apEX topfrag- wait, apEX?

NiP smashed their past selves and even their present selves, c0ntact lost to Copenhagen Flames before losing to Movistar Riders, a Spanish team. That might be embarassing, if the same Spanish team hadn't just ruined mousesports.

Whisper it in aizyesque's presence, but... that North result doesn't look quite as impressive, now.

April 26, 2020

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