Beer, chocolate, waffles and Counter-Strike

Elliott Griffiths
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CSGO Major 2022 is going to Antwerp

Illustration by NovaH

When we think of Belgium, we think of chocolate, good beer, really good beer, speaking far too many languages and a couple of VALORANT players.

And good beer. We can’t forget that.

We don’t really think of CSGO; but PGL are attempting to change that.

No, they’re not dragging ScreaM and Nivera back home, kicking and screaming. They’re not giving everybody in Gold Nova and above a crate of beer to help them aim. They’re bringing the biggest and best event in CSGO to France 2.0 Belgium, and more precisely, Antwerp.

Why Belgium, you ask?

Erm, good question, and one we’re struggling to find answers for. While it’s a lovely place, relatively inexpensive and simple to get to, it doesn’t scream ‘Counter-Strike’, does it?

Realistically, it doesn’t matter. It’s going to be a blast, because it’s going to be a Counter-Strike Major, in a decent timezone for most of us, on LAN. Fingers crossed.

It’s PGL again, which means we’re a little worried for the audio, but we don’t think we’ll have the same debacle over talent. For one, we’re not sure the old boys’ club that Bardolph bitched about will be in attendance; Richard Lewis has already stated he’ll step aside for new talent, like Sjokz.

If you aren’t au fait with Sjokz, you’ll love her. Just trust us. She’s lovely.

Scrawny and launders have to be there too, for us, as they’ve been absolutely killing it for the last year, and it was heretical to leave them out last time.

This does mean that we’re having two Majors this year, with the second supposedly being in Brazil later in the year. We’re BACK back, boys and girls.

February 3, 2022

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