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Elliott Griffiths
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  • In one of the weirdest moves of the window, shox moved to Apeks. One can only assume he misheard his agent and thought he said ‘apEX wants you’. He’ll be under the tutelage of STYKO, who is their new IGL.
  • NBK has completed a move to Falcons, joining misutaaa. Just don’t ask where they got the money from, you’d rather not know :).
  • MSL’s organisation went live with a name and a logo, as TITANS. Quite why they were so secretive is unknown, but it’s likely to do with the fact they used ClipArt for the logo, or something.
  • Copenhagen Flames are going again with another new roster; this time with TMB, birdfromsky, raalz and regali and b0RUP on it. Can they repeat the heroics, or was dvorborg too integral?
  • HEN1 has moved to MIBR. You might be asking yourself ‘why?’. We don’t have an answer for that, we’re just aware that that is probably what you’re thinking.
  • He replaced the outbound chelo, who is taking fnx’s spot on Imperial. Surely that defeats the point of a last dance?
  • Fluxo have entered the game with a felps-headlined Brazilian team. Us neither.
  • sdy is staying on NaVi for a little bit, but we pretty much knew that anyway.
  • AMANEK has found a home on LDLC.
  • HAVU have announced a new roster, which doesn’t include Finnish legend allu - who has his own project called ‘JANO’.
August 14, 2022

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