BIG is the best team in the World

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by NovaH.

If a year ago you'd said to us, "TL;DR, XANTARES is going to be on the #1 ranked team in the world next year", we'd block you.

But before we did that, we'd sarcastically respond "Heh, why, are all the games online? Not allowed to go to LANs because of some CRAZY new virus?"

So uh, yeah. BIG #1. Nothing weird going on here. Completely normal scene, BIG are just the best team. No questions asked.

In their defence, where many teams have used the onlineverse as an excuse, BIG have knuckled down. They didn't give a Scheisse that online play is supposed to be random, that we should stop caring about CS right now. They practiced, and it paid off.

syrsoN has become prime kennyS in the last few months somehow. He's the best thing online since UberEats, even if he just refuses to use rifles. tabseN is still a monster, while the rest have done enough to hold their weight and keep BIG at the top.

Some people, if we can call French guys that, were a little frustrated that the team who are quite clearly the best team around right now, as proven by the fact they keep winning games and tournaments, are the number one team.

We don't know either.

July 9, 2020

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