BIG overcome Vitality to win cs_summit 6 Europe

Gijs Verhoeff
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BIG, and XANTARES specifically, have been nigh unstoppable as of late, and their run at cs_summit 6 was no exception. It is online, but you know the saying: When life gives you Covid-19 and cancels all LANs, you say screw that and steamroll everyone.

The cs_summit 6 playoff looked like business as usual for BIG, who took out GODSENT and Fnatic 2-0 in the playoffs, only to be stopped by Zyw... sorry, Vitality, in three maps in the upper bracket final.

The Grand Final of the tournament saw a rematch of the latter, after BIG climbed out of the lower bracket at the expense of OG. No miracles for the miracle boys. The Grand Final itself was a volatile affair, with no maps going the distance and BIG asserting their dominance by outplaying the French team in 4 maps.

The final score of 3-2, which was mainly due to Vitality holding a 1-0 advantage going into the match, belies how dominant the Germans were. Not a single player on BIG had a negative K:D, while RpK ended with -25. CS:GO is a game of 10 players, and in the end XANTARES will carry BIG to victory online.

With the conclusion of cs_summit 6, it's also time to look at the European Regional Major Rankings GODSENT have jumped to fourth place, and North have saved face so far by climbing in to Challenger-status territory. OG are now also technically Contenders, but hunting season is still open for the lower spots of the Rio Major. As usual, you can find the full rankings over on Liquipedia.

July 5, 2020

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