Big upsets at IEM Cologne

Gijs Verhoeff
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Illustration by NovaH Source: G2 Esports and ESL

IEM Cologne’s group stage is done. The dust has settled, and some teams came out looking more scuffed and grimy than others.

So, to recap - because you know, that’s kind of our thing - we’ve thought of some categories to put the losers of Cologne in. Without further ado, here’s the rundown.

Surprised us like a popflash

ENCE… What happened? We were so hyped about your Major performances, and now you stand empty-handed. A close loss to Vitality and an 0-2 to G2 means the international mix were sent home with nothing but a plastic medal and some lemonade.

In Group A, they were joined by Heroic, who also suddenly became shi- very bad. The Danes 0-2 against their Nordic rivals NIP, and 0-2 against MOUZ in the lower bracket. Let’s hope the early holiday is worth it.

Group B had another surprise loser. Cloud9’s players seemingly have finally discovered their orgs North American, and immediately stopped performing after winning their opening game against Outsiders.

They lost against Astralis in short fashion, with nafany only getting one kill against them on map two. Then, in true NA fashion, they lost to Liquid, spelling the end of their Cologne adventure.

You’d think having m0nesy, NiKo, and huNter on your team would counteract any AleksiB debuffs, but no. 0-2 against the Riders, 2-0 against ENCE, 1-2 against NiP and poof all of Carlos’ dreams are shattered.

About as predictable as pushing through a smoke

Look, as much as we don’t want to go against the Brazilian fans, we’re not surprised 00Nation went out the way they did.

A new roster, built around some old titans? That needs some time to ripen, baby.

FaZe bested them in two maps, and Liquid even had to go to a third, but the screen still showed “Game Over” for Double-O Nation

Vitality’s weird duo-nationality roster delivered weird results, just like we thought they would. They beat ENCE in three maps, just to completely lose the plot against Movistar.

Now in the lower bracket, they faced MOUZ, who promptly eliminated them from the tournament in a full Bo3. Weird right?

Outsiders did what they do best: be confused? The roster seems as dead as ever, and all they could muster up is two 0-2 losses to C9 and FURIA. Now they’re on the outside.

Just 0.001 seconds too late on the defuse

NiP were looking decent as they beat Heroic, but then had the bad luck of facing Na’Vi. Fair enough, happens to the best. They bounced back in the lower bracket against G2, but were caught off guard by a surprisingly solid MOUZ in the LB Final, and were sent straight to bed, in their pyjamas.

Same goes for FURIA, who were looking so-so after ESL Challenger Valencia. They know they play risky CS, and when you roll the dice your luck might just run out.

After an initial bad roll, losing 2-0 to Astralis, they threw two nat-20s in a row. Outsiders and Spirit were dispatched fairly easily, and they had a final chance against Liquid. Unfortunately, their lucky charms had already been stolen and Liquid took them down in two maps.

So, that’s you all caught up on the losers of Cologne. Make sure to mock them on the socials, or show them your support and send some hugs - whatever you do best.

Do keep in mind that these losses just before the player break could mean changes to some of these rosters as well, so spam F5 and check for twitlongers.

But above all, keep reading because we’re about to delve in to the winners of Cologne so far.

July 10, 2022

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