Blast and ESL bury the hatchet

Phillip Rasmussen
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Remember the time when Blast hosted events with 3 games at once, everyone hated them, and they were the destroyers of everything?

Pepperidge farm remembers.

That is not the case anymore. Not only is Blast Premier now setting up some of the best events across CS:GO, they have also buried the hatchet with ESL.

Or vice versa, but who counts?

According to a collective statement, the two tournament organizers have changed their Fall schedules to avoid having event overlaps.

This is good and shouldn't cause any drama. Except this is CS:GO, so there's always drama. At least if you ask Heroic ace, cadiaN, who went on Twitter to complain about his lack of summer vacation.

Strictly speaking, the tournament calendar was set in December though, so it's hard to really emphasize with millionaire players whining about two weeks of vacation. Especially because they have the power to change it if they make the right sacrifices.

Just like when we sacrifice armor to buy an AWP and... uh, clutch?

May 13, 2021

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