BLAST get their crown

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by NovaH.

The good news: BLAST have been given the Major according to Dexerto.

Their productions are incredible. Beautiful to look at from inside the arena, and clean and cool from your gamer chair. It’s near-flawless ever since they ironed out the wrinkles at the start.

The bad news? It’s in France.

Alright, that’s sort of a joke - France is one of the best second world countries in the world. Paris is a stunning city, and in terms of Counter-Strike heritage, few countries come close.

In May 2023, BLAST will be bringing their unique flavour of Counter-Strike to the historic city of Paris for the Major. A beautiful sentence. Just, one problem.

Much like the Major in Rio, if you’re wanting to travel in as a spectator, you might want to know that apparently French law states that the casting will have to be in French. So if you’re like us - uneducated - or just haven’t added French to your repertoire just yet, you’re out of luck.

We say that, but you might at least not have to go to France. So that’s a plus.

Rumours seem to suggest the next Major of 2023 will be run by Perfect World, meaning it’s likely to be an Eastern one. Perfect World run the game in China, but we would be surprised if the Major was there.

We’re hoping for Japan, just for an excuse to go there.

September 8, 2022

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