Blast gets Royal treatment

Phillip Rasmussen
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When Blast launched their first tournaments, they got dunked on for a lot of things.

They ran three games at once, they shared ownership with participating teams, and the first day at their inaugural tournament was a complete disaster.

Wise men say that nothing you say before the word “but” counts, so here’s our but.

Blast has become a true Tier 1 tournament organizer, and they have long shed the controversy and grown into a producer of world-class CS:GO.

Not least in Royal Arena in Copenhagen, where they have turned Danes of all ages into roaring Astralis- and Heroic fans, and created what might be the most diverse CS event in the world.

So obviously they are going back. While the Spring Season of Blast Premier will conclude in Lisbon in June, Copenhagen and Royal Arena will play host to the Fall Season in November.

And before you start, remember that the Danes showing up in troves is a good thing. Before Cologne and Katowice turned into world-class venues, with mixed fan-bases, they too were attuned to the home teams.

As for us? We can’t wait to see yet another amazing CS:GO event, back on LAN. Bring it on Copenhagen!

May 1, 2022

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