Blast Premier Fall Showdown draws to a close

Gijs Verhoeff
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It's official, The Colossus is better than the Juggernaut. For now.

It was a close affair, taking us to 83 rounds in the Bo3, not far off from the non-overtime maximum of 90. But in the end, Complexity just wasn't good enough for Cloud9.

Cloud9 themselves fell short as well however. In true ye ole tale fashion the colossal elephant was scared by a little mouz. Hooray mousesports is alive! The team that hadn't made napz happy in a long time, and with the rumours about karrigan leaving, we were starting to worry for his mental health.

But par for the course, once you start thinking that chrisJ's team is about to go down in flames, they pop right back up. Or in this case, bymas and frozen made them pop up.

The victory means that Mousesports is qualified to the Blast Premier Fall Finals, where Astralis, Vitality and OG, among others, are waiting.

A team that won't be participating in that tournament is Team Liquid. NAF might have wanted to win something, but he probably should have specified what he wanted to win, because getting 1 map in a best of 3 isn't going to cut it.

To be fair it IS hard to win, when Stewie2K goes -24 over three maps, and only Grim posted a positive number with his +1 K:D difference. That being said, there were signs of life from Liquid, but in the end VINI made sure it didn't matter.

We're not bothered though, because the prospect of a potential arT vs Astralis match is pretty mouthwatering. Que ota, FURIA?

November 29, 2020

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