BLAST Premier groups begin

Elliott Griffiths
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BLAST Spring 2022

Oh boy, we’re excited.

Three days of wall-to-wall Counter-Strike at an ideal time zone for most of you. Sorry, Asian and Oceanic friends, you might have to stay up late.

But it’ll be worth it; by the time you’re reading this it won’t be long before G2 take on Complexity. It might even have started - but if you’re in NA you already know that, because you set an alarm to watch it.

We get our first viewing of the new G2, with expectations and hopes ridiculously high. There’s almost nothing they could do to meet them, outside of 16-0ing every game.

After that it’s NiP vs BIG, which... alright, that’s much less exciting. device is out for a while, so we get to see NiP without their best player against the Early Access beta test version of the old Astralis; similarly methodical, but nowhere near as polished.

At least we can wash that down tomorrow with NaVi murdering MIBR, and a gander at the new (and improved, wink wink) version of OG as they take on an out-of-sorts Astralis.

We’ve got no idea who is going to win that group. Not a clue.

The final group is very interesting, ‘cause anyone could win. Well, except Evil Geniuses. You’d think we’d learn not to write off this core, but we just don’t see it.

FaZe Clan though, we’re super excited to see them - and their first game is against oSee’s Liquid. That one could go either way, and we’re not going to make any sweeping statements about how many rounds FaZe are going to win by.

Vitality get the chance to show off their new roster against EG, which should be a Vitality win, but if EG do win, then we wouldn’t want to be neL. Because Ryan will be tweeting at him, and nobody deserves that.

January 27, 2022

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