Boombl4, get out the way

Gijs Verhoeff
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  • The Na'Vi captain shows us once again CS isn't his only talent. Competition beware, the man will eat you up if you get in his way.
  • Cologne will be Colonline and not CoLAN, as we foresaw in previous editions. Perfect for a certain German team if you ask us. No virus, no BIG.
  • Need an in depth analysis of just about everything CS:GO has to offer? Look no further than mahone_tv. It got at least a few of us out of Silver.
  • GamerLegion have made their return along with long lost Slovak talent Zero. The rest of the team has us scratching our heads however.
  • Want even more analysis? Moses has you covered with his breakdown of FaZe's Ivy take versus G2. We're pretty split between the two, so we'll just watch both.
  • u/znics shows us why the saying "you miss 100% of the shots you don't take" has an inkling of truth in it. We'd be checking your profile after that one znics.
  • Dr Disrespect is back... On the Washington Post. He gave some insight in to recent events in an extensive interview. Where's your leak now Slasher?
  • Twitter user monkiiCS shares a feeling we've all felt before. We call it: Flanking - the emotional rollercoaster.
  • China will be one of the first countries to return to - or at least try to - the LAN format, with the CS:GO_ProHouse Wuxi Villa Cup featuring TYLOO and Invictus, among others. At this point we'll take anything we can get.
  • We've been told napz feels this meme from BakerCS, hits particularly hard in certain soft spots you don't like to get hit in. Where is ChristJ when you need him?
  • Apparently, Mirage might be either a hyper-realistic cake or the best map in the game. In short, it all leads back to Buzzfeed.
Gabe, is that Half Life 3?
July 16, 2020

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